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Akron Splash Pad Coming Soon

Akron, OH – There was an organizational press conference located at the Joy Park Community Center this morning. State, community leaders and Joy Park staff were all in attendance to let the people know about their plans to open “Splash Parks” on each side of town.

“Ultimately, I want to see a splash park in every single Ward in the city!” ~Mayor Daniel Horrigan

The press conference was led by Mayor Daniel Horrigan, James Hardy (Chief of Construction), Councilwoman Tara Samples and Kimberly Hamilton. Joy Park will be the first city park to get a splash park built. It is expected to be done some time next month (August).

James Hardy spoke about the splash park not only being a great play place & outlet for the kids, but the splash park will also be eco-friendly. Similar splash parks use over 1000 gallons per minutes, while the new build will use a very small water amount and limited electrical uses . It will be “zero depth,” so the is minimal to no chance of a child drowning, which should alleviate some of the concerns of parents.

The press conference ended with the Mayor, community leaders and children digging up the first piles of dirt for the new build. The kids in attendance will forever be able to say they helped build the first splash park for the city of Akron.

Huge THANK YOU to the city of Akron and the community leaders who made this possible. Ear Kandy Radio loves what you are doing for the kids.

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