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Akron Star Lebron James Will Be Starring In Space Jam 2

There is no time like the present, because the present is truly a present!!!  This is one of my new favorite motto’s to live by lately… and I’m sure LeBron James can feel that!  

LeBron just keeps on making us proud, especially if you are from the city of Akron.  He has recently been making headlines with the opening of his new school iPromise, right here in Akron, OH.  LeBron James is definitely #MoreThanAnAthlete

There has been talk about the new Space Jam movie coming out, and it looks like it official!  King James will be playing a star roll in Space Jam 2 (Not sure if that will be the name of the sequel), along side your favorite cartoon character Bugs Bunny.  They will start filming next year during the off season.  

None other than Ryan Coogler (director of Creed and Black Panther) will be producing the project.  LeBron James said he loved Coogler’s vision regarding the movie.  The original Space Jam with Michael Jordan came out in 1996 and was a box office success.  At the end of its run, it grossed approximately $90.4 million domestically and an estimated $230$250 million internationally.

Coogler definitely has his work cut out for him and LeBron has some big shoes to fill…  but I am confident they can pull it off as long as they put their heads together.  LeBron X Coogler, the dream team.  We are rooting for you guys over here at Ear Kandy Radio.

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