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Akron Teachers Rally For Safer Schools

Looks like there was a rally outside of the Board of Education with the teachers of Akron Public Schools.  They are mad about the Administrators not doing anything about the violent verbal & physical assaults by the students towards teachers.  This really breaks my heart to know the teachers feel like this about our kids at the end of the day.  As parents, how can we help the teachers?

Check out the story from fox8news.com 

Parent Marie Lanni (left) and retired Akron Public School teacher Teresa Holt protest outside the Sylvester Small Administration Building on Monday in Akron. (Phil Masturzo/Beacon Journal/Ohio.com)

Akron teachers are sending a loud message to school administrators.

They say city schools are not safe and they are demanding that something be done.

The union has filed grievances on behalf of several dozen members. The teachers say the district is not handling incidents of verbal and physical assaults on teachers forcefully enough.

Union members held what they called a ‘safe schools’ rally outside the school board meeting Monday evening. The teachers were joined by other staff members, students, family and community members. They charge the district has not followed student behavior protocols and contract language in disciplining students. The result, they say, is that violence is increasing.

Pat Shipe, President of the Akron Education Association, told Fox 8 News, “Over time, over the last number of years as we are not addressing these assaults with the students that commit them those other students that see things happening and there’s no consequence. We are seeing an increase in the number of assaults.” She stressed that a very small percentage of students are causing virtually all of the problems.

School Board President Patrick Bravo indicated that the district will work to find a solution. “I’m confident that we can find a way to work through this together and move forward in a positive and productive way and I do look forward to talking to each of you.”

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