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Akron… The New Wild Wild West!

This past weekend things got pretty messy in the city of Akron!  In less than 24 hours there were eight shootings that left two people dead, two shot in the head and 8 people injured, including a pit bull and a man who avoided a kidnapping by jumping out of the trunk of the car while the vehicle was still moving.  We will tell you about each situation (thank you to ohio.com for providing the information on their website).

10:00 am Friday – 31 year old man was shot in the head and thankfully the bullet only grazed him.  He told authorities that 3 or 4 men entered his apartment and shot him.

1:00 pm Friday – A man was ordered to take his clothes off at gunpoint by two other men while he was visiting a friend in the 700 block of Caddo.  They took his clothes and $1,000 out of his pocket and ordered the man to get in the trunk of a white Chevy Impala.  The man told the police that he pulled the emergency trunk release and jumped out the trunk while the car was still moving to save his life.  He hopped a fence and raced through a field as the men fired multiple shots at him, but thankfully none of them hit him.  He ended up in a scrap yard on Hazel St. where the employees called the police and the victim was taken to Akron City Hospital.  He only sustained minor injuries.  The victim describes the robbers as both black men in their late 20’s about 5’6″ and around 200 pounds.  One of them had a star teardrop tattoo under his eye.

9:00 pm Friday – when authorities responded to a call at 59 N. Arlington St, they found two men with bullet wounds (one was shot in the leg & the other was shot in the butt) and a 17 year old girl (she was shot in her arm) had been taken to the hospital before the police arrived on the scene.  None of the victims gave any information about the shooter(s).

11:00 pm Friday – East Akron (Catskill and Dahlgren) police found a 17 year old boy who had been shot in the head lying in the grass. He was taken to Akron City Hospital and is reported to be in critical condition.

1:30 am Saturday –  18th St. in Kenmore… a house was shot at multiple times.  The only injury reported was a pit bull being shot in the shoulder.

2:30 am Saturday – There was a shooting at the Clutch Gentlemen’s nightclub.  When police arrived on the scene, all the cars were gone.  Looks like the victim who was shot tried to drive himself to the hospital where he crashed his car into a building on N. Arlington and E. Market St.  He was taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries, but none were life threatening.

3:30 am Saturday – 46 year old man was found lying in the street with a gunshot wound to the head on the 600 block of Schiller on North Hill.  He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.  Reports say the victim was walking to his car parked on the street when he was approached by two men trying to rob him and shot him in the head then ran.  Since it was so dark, there is no good description of the men.

4:30-6 am Saturday – Police found a 58 year old man shot in the head in a parking lot of the 300 block of S. Arlington St.  He was already deceased when police arrived so there are no details about the homicide.  

Names are not being released until all family members are notified.  If you have any information on either homicide or any of the shootings, police are asking for you to call 330-375-2490.

I am really praying for our city!  To be honest, this actually sounds like some gang violence with all the random shootings.  I pray this is the beginning of the end of all this madness!


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