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Akron Woman Can’t Hold It & Relieves Her Bladder In A Store Aisle

Akron, Ohio – When you have to go… you gotta go, and sometimes there’s no holding it in. Well that was the case for this Akron woman who was caught on camera relieving herself in the aisle of a local store.

It looks like she was taking a bowl movement, but according to one of the store workers, there was only urine in the container she used the bathroom in. The girl also used a dirty receipt off the floor to wipe herself. This occurred in the Family Dollar in Arlington Plaza.

Would you have done the same thing if you had to use the restroom really bad and could not hold it? The original video was posted yesterday and has almost 400 comments and has been shared more than 200 times. Check out the video below, but please view at your own discretion. It was the comments for me.

>>> Woman Pees In The Aisle Of A Store <<<

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