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Akron woman overdoses in Gas station bathroom

While I was getting gas at the Circle K on Archwood and Arlington the police whipped in the parking lot super fast! I was at the register paying for my gas and I asked the cashier what happened. They said they had to call 911 because they believe a woman overdosed in their bathroom!

The police came in and an employee showed them where the lady was. The cashier didn’t know what the woman took! Nor if she did the drugs before coming in or while in their bathroom. I tired to get a picture but they wouldn’t let anyone near the bathroom. The ambulance rushed in to help her. I’m praying she’s okay. They didn’t give many details to me or anyone else. They were focusing on helping the lady!

I’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds!

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2 thoughts on “Akron woman overdoses in Gas station bathroom

  1. Mind your business really ! How childish this person did what everyone is doing these days don’t make it right by putting it on here but wondering and asking what happened is very normal for any person ! They could of been walking in on robbery or worse !

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