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Akron’s Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Plans For Summit Lake

Akron, OH – Summit Lake used to be a water park.  It was called Summit Beach Park and it operated from 1917 to the mid 1900’s.  There is not a lot of  information on the web about this amusement park, but it was HUGE!!!

If you live in the Akron, then you know the Summit Lake area has been a concern due to the many abandoned houses, break-ins, crimes, drugs and much more. There have been rumors swirling around since I was a child about all the thing thrown into Summit Lake (dead bodies, vehicles, weapons used in crimes, etc.).

Akron leaders are hoping to come up with a plan to totally revamp the neighborhood which would call for over millions of dollars in investments and improvements.

The Summit Lake Vision Plan is being developed through the city of Akron (pledging $1M/yr over the next three years), Akron Civic Commons, Summit Metro Parks and the Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition (CEO Dan Rice says an additional $5M is expected through state, federal and private funds).

>>>Click here to read the full vision/plans for Summit Lake Area<<<

Daniel Rice - President and Chief Executive Officer - Ohio & Erie ...

“What we’re really trying to do here is work with the neighborhood residents to make sure their voices are heard. The lake is coming back as we speak. It will become a destination.”

~ Dan Rice (President/CEO Ohio $ Erie Canalway Coalition)

Some of the plans include

  • Removing vegetation & building a boat launch on the north shore.
  • Building a fountain in the lake
  • Building an activity area on the west side
  • Building a marble overlook and boardwalk
  • Possible retail development
  • Places to go get a cup of coffee or a sandwich
  • Building a drugstore
  • Building a loop trail
  • Building a nature center

As mentioned earlier in the article, we know this is all possible because of the history of Summit Lake. Also known as Coney Island, the park had a roller coaster, huge swimming pool, a huge skating rink with a ballroom inside, Ferris wheel and a baseball field.  There was a big accident, an accident on the roller coaster which resulted in 5 or more deaths.  They determined the park was not at fault for any type of malfunctions with the ride, but there was a big piece of wood placed on the tracks.  The park owners thought one of the guests placed it on the tracks as a joke.

I’m excited to see the renovations for this area. We will continue to keep you guys updated.

roller skating
summit beach park
swimming pool

This picture below is a picture of the ballroom of the skating ring which was located on Ira Ave after a fire around 1950.

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  1. I think this all is a great idea!!! Maybe a swimming pool again, put-put golf, Mini go karts something cool for the kids to do!!!

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