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Akron’s Own Chey Dolla Releases 23rd Album: Stop Watching Start Working

Akron, OH – For this Friday’s music spotlight, we wanted to highlight a dedicated and hardworking artist, Chey Dolla, who just released his 23rd album titled STOP WATCHING START WORKING.

Chey Dolla jumped into the rap game when he was only 14 years old, and his first “real album” was titled Doom’s Day in Crack City.

Chey Dolla also has his own record label called IGE (I’m Gone Eat). Currently he has one artist one the label (besides himself) named Mezo.

This new album, Stop Watching Start Working, has 13 songs and also some pretty dope features (Live Cinema, Dreper, Baby Bugsy, Ampichino, Bossi, GMG Meez, Scoot Da Kidd, P3, D-Mann and A.R. Deville).

Chey Dolla has a really unique sound, and his lyrics are real and heart felt. If you’re from the streets, or know anybody from the streets… you can definitely relate to this album. My favorite song is #7 Temporary ft A.R. Deville.

Be sure to support Chey Dolla and download his music on all platforms & follow him on Instagram @che_dolla.


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