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Akron’s Own – Christina Ball – Releases Educational Rapping Cartoon To Help Children Learn Real Life Lessons

Christina Ball, owner of Christina Media Productions LLC, just had a private screening and released the first episode of her new cartoon series called The Ballroom.

The Ballroom features seven children (of all different races) and a teacher, who teaches children about real world/ real life lessons through rap music and dance. Christina is also a rapper who has put out countless tracks. She is not currently pursuing her music career, but she never lost her love for music, she still writes/produces music and may she pick it back up soon.

Her first episode is called “Magic Digits” and she is teaching the kids how to tell time on a standard clock (not a digital clock or phone). The song is really catchy, and after listening to it a few times, magic digits makes telling time pretty easy. Studies show kids learn and retain information better if they can relate what they learn with music and rhyming.

Take a look at her first episode below and please like/ subscribe to her channel so you will never miss a beat.

Some of the upcoming episodes will teach the kids about the presidents and the capitals/states. Congratulations to Christina Ball of Christina Media Productions LLC. She deserves a standing ovation for coming out with something positive to help the children of the community strive to be the best they can.

Her first episode was dedicated to coach Yontami Jones.

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