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Akron’s Own DAntonio Parmer from Night Lyfe to the Boopac Tour

Ear Kandy Radio wanted to take a minute to pay homage to Akron’s own party promoter & founder of Night Lyfe Ent, DAntonio Parmer. 


He has been hitting these Akron Streets since 2013 raising awareness of his brand (Night Lyfe Ent) and throwing some of the dopest parties the city has seen!  I can remember back when he 1st started (around the same time Ear Kandy Radio started) you saw people everywhere in there Night Lyfe shirts promoting the brand!  He had a street team and they were definitely making their presence know!



But back to these dope, fly ass parties he put together for the city!  9/10 when Night Lyfe put a party together, it was packed wall to wall & usually there wasn’t any drama accompanied.  Let’s reflect the on some of these parties…


Night Lyfe threw a second chance for people to go to Prom and it was hosted by Love & Hip Hop’s own Rasheeda!


Night Lyfe threw a freak show at Primo’s in Akron, Ohio and it was crazy!!!  Check out the video below to see all the action.





So fast forward to today and your boy Mr. Night Lyfe himself has hooked up with your boy Boosie!!  Yes…  Boosie Badass and DAntonio Parmer of Night Lyfe are on tour together for the #BooPacTour!

So, you want to talk about marketing… you want to talk about party promotions…  there is no way we could mention this without talking about our guy Mr. DAntonio Parmer of Night Lyfe Ent.  He already brought Boosie to Akron a few years ago!  Now he is bringing him back… well not to Akron, but to Austintowwn, OH (which is really close to Akron) on July 7th!  Be sure to get your tickets because they are selling out FAST!!! >> Click Here For Tickets 

So again S/O to our guy Mr. Night Lyfe Ent!!!  We want you to know that Ear Kandy Radio is behind you 100%!!!  You do an awesome job representing the city wherever you go & for that you deserve a pat on the back… and not to mention, you do all this while still being a great dad to your son!  Big Ups to you!




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