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Akron’s Own Dreams Academy Awarded $5,500 Grant From ACF

Ear Kandy Radio wanted to take a minute to highlight somebody who is doing an extraordinary job with the youth, African American males in our community!

Dreams academy is for young men ages 10-15. Programming is split into 8 week sessions. During the 8 weeks, students will experience and be exposed to activities and thought-provoking dialogue that will holistically encourage and teach soft skills, problem solving, career guidance, and financial literacy.

Dreams Academy was awarded a grant of $5,500 from Akron Community Foundation (ACF) along with some other prominent organizations in the community. Akron Community Foundation announced grants totaling $3,188,714, including $530,981 in competitive education and early learning grants chosen by the foundation’s Community Investment Committee. For a full list of all the organizations who were awarded grants, please visit https://www.akroncf.org/ContactUs/NewsEvents/ViewArticle/tabid/96/ArticleId/1540/ACF-funds-distribute-nearly-3-2M-in-quarterly-grants.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2-5TZYoAZyMVftWXsolKM8gz9OG1iJcKBW2y2US5Ecqu8sE0mM1jGw6V8

Congratulations to the Dreams Academy entire organization and huge shout out to Brandon Scarborough (Manager of Dreams Academy), who has truly been making a difference in the community! I spoke with Brandon, and this is what he had to say regarding the grant.

For Dreams specifically, we applied again after receiving a grant from them back in December as well as we try and boost our funding to continue to offer quality programming as well as it allowed us to lower our participation costs for families and start a payment plan to make things easier for them. This grant will let us expand our summer offering and hopefully do some extraordinary things with the kid.  – Brandon Scarborough 

For more information on Dreams Academy, to make a donation or to sign your child up for this amazing program, please visit their website http://www.dreamsacademyakron.org/

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