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Akron’s Own King Locust Nominated For Businessman Of The Year

There has been a lot of talk on social media about the 2018 Ohio Entertainment Awards, which will b held about 15 minutes away from Akron, OH at the Kent Stage.  King Locust was among one of the Akronites nominated for an award this year.

I honestly couldn’t think of a more deserving man to win the “Businessman Of The Year”.  Since being released from prison, it seems that King Locust is on a mission to get his brand out there & get this money by any means necessary (legally of course).  King Locust really has his hands in some of the biggest pots in the city!

If you are originally from Akron or you have lived here for a long time, you would know that sometimes this city has the mentality of “crabs in a barrel”… everybody claims they want to see you doing good (but not better than them of course), but the support is not on the level it should be (& this is only my opinion).  King Locust has penetrated some really key markets where people have no choice but to support.


Your vision is our mission, welcome to GloBal Mogul.

Founded back in 1999, King Locust is the CEO, an artist (with over 20 solo projects) and clothing designer.  GloBal Mogul inc. is a leader in marketing, branding, and promotions.  Their experience and vast networking capabilities allow them to perform at the highest level for whatever your company needs may be.  


Founded in 2016, King Locust is the President of the company TDBSPIRITS, who handles the distribution of Clique Vodka and other brands produced by Premier Innovation Group (located in Pennsylvania, but sales are handled in Ohio).  The company recently launched Cosmopolitan Diva, a fruity tasting wine available in four fun flavors.  Currently the company is in process of re-launching their newly designed bottles of CliqueVodka, Spanish Oak Brandy, Pops Irish Whiskey and Gin Foundry.


Recently named brand ambassador for Legado Lifestyle cigars, which will hit the shelves in Ohio really soon.  The Legado movement was started over a century ago in Manaos, Brazil by Manoel Francisco Lourenco who was a man of the world and a native of the Americas.

King Locust has really been making some big moves, so I think he deserves all your votes for the businessman of the year.  Go to www.ohiokingsoea.com & vote for him.

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