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Akron’s Own Lebron James Is Making Documentary On Black Wall Street Massacre

99 years ago, a group of white rioters destroyed Tulsa, OK, a thriving community of Blacks. The hateful groups of Whites burned their city down.  There were over 600 businesses in their city, and it was known as “Black Wall Street.”

LeBron James, along with Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Entertainment company are getting geared up to produce a documentary focusing on the massacre of Black Wall Street, back in 1921.

Reports from back then say 36 people were killed, but historians say the number is more likely close to 300.

“The Tulsa Race Massacre is not just a black story but American history,”

“The fabric of this country is soaked in racism and today 99 years later, we’re still fighting for change,”

“That’s why I’m partnering with SpringHill Entertainment to tell the story of Black Wall Street.”

~ director Salima Koroma, who will help film the project

For the full story regarding the 1921 Tulsa Massacre, check out this article >>>> Click here for more.

Kudos to LeBron James for taking initiative and doing a documentary for this horrible event! This was by far one of the worst acts of racism in American history. Check out some of the rare footage of the Tulsa Masacre.

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