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Akron’s Own Myka Smith & The Birth Of BornToDance330 Academy

We wanted to take a minute to highlight our sponsor Myka Smith, an Akron native who has been following her dreams and giving hope to our young generation for a few years now.  When you hear about kids dancing, Myka is usually one of the 1st people who will cross your mind if you’re from the city of Akron.  There is no secret that Myka loves the kids she works with, and you can tell that in everything she does.

At one point in time, Myka was actually homeless, but she never gave up on her dreams & she never made any excuses for her situation.  Myka has been beating the doors down & she gets all her strength from the Man above.  With Christ, all things are possible, and I truly commend Myka for always keeping her faith and trust in the Lord first.  I have had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Myka about some of her life struggles, and I can attest to her being a very strong, loving and determined woman.  She is younger than me, but I truly admire her.

Myka just recently celebrated her grand opening for her new studio BornToDance330 on September 2, 2018!!!  The studio is located at 2056 Romig Road in Akron, OH.  She teaches ballet, lyrical jazz, contemporary, hip hop, praise dancing and tumbling to both boys and girls from ages 3-19.

Borntodance330 academy is locally and internationally recognized as Ohio’s premiere dance studio. Offering daily classes in a variety of styles for all ages and levels of experience, Borntodance330 unique combination of professional training, supportive staff and innovative studios create the perfect environment to develop your skills and take them to the next level. Whether you are training for a professional career, creating a fitness regimen, or just dancing for fun, Borntodance330 will provide you with everything you need to reach your individual goals. We will also be guiding dancers who want to take it to the professional level with photoshoots/videos , portfolio/resume building and even the opportunity to be working with entertainment agencies across the US. Borntodance330 is not just a studio . It’s a BRAND

For more information, please visit her website http://www.borntodance330tk.com

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