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AL SHARPTON Confirms He Was A RAT, I Mean FBI Informant

Now I may be reporting this a little late, but I am just now hearing about the Reverend Al Sharpton Jr. “cooperating with the FBI” back in the day.

Many of you may remember Al Sharpton Jr. for a lot of different things

  • Civil rights activist/leader (even protesting side by side with Martin Luther King Jr.)
  • Baptist Minister
  • Radio Talk Show Host
  • Television Talk Show Host
  • Former White House Adviser for President Barack Obama
  • Candidate for the democratic nomination for the U.S. Presidential Election
  • & much more

Now the reverend has one more thing he can add to his list of accomplishments… an informant for the FBI. He helped the government by providing information against the Mafia!

What is your definition of “snitching?” Me personally, I think it is when you tell on somebody to lesser your time in jail/punishment… when you had an active role in the crime.

Al Sharpton Jr. says in his own mind he was not an informant, he was “cooperating with investigations.”

Don’t take my word for it… check out this clip!

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