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All Gang Related Murder Chargers Dropped for Wealthy White Teen

On October 1, 2017, Justin Holmes was murdered in cold blood in South Los Angeles.  It was reported that Justin Holmes was not in a gang and he actually worked and attended college… so where did things go wrong?

Cameron Terrell, an 18 year old living in Palos Verdes Estates in California, was acquitted last week of 1st degree MURDER CHARGES.  Terrell was charged for being the getaway driver for the two men who are suspected of killing Justin Holmes and he was also charged with two counts of attempted murder.  Now, Terrell did admit to being the getaway driver… you know, an accomplice… so how does he get off on all charges??

The DA (District Attorney) Adan Montalban explained to the jurors how Cameron Terrell was a member of the gang and he also knew what the other two defendants were planning to do.  If Terrell is not know about the plans to shoot and kill Justin Holmes, why did he park the car so nobody could see it to let the other two defendants out the car?  Why did Terrell get caught on camera kicking over candles at a memorial for Holmes?  Terrell has also appeared in local rap videos & he was given the name “White Boy” by the hood.

Cameron Terrell’s attorney claims his client did not have any weapons on him, he was not apart of the gang nor did he shoot anybody, so he should not be apart of the conspiracy.  He claims that at best… the evidence just shows that Terrell was a witness to the crime.  The attorney claims Cameron Terrell was “shocked” when he heard gunshots and he thought that only a fight would take place… not a shooting.  His attorney says that he shouldn’t be punished just because he’s “open-minded” and has a bad choice in friends who walk a different path in life than him.

Now that the case is over, Cameron Terrell want to go to law school because of his new found love for the justice system.  WOW!!!  Terrell’s bond was $5,000,000 and his family was able to post a $500,000 cash bond after he admitted that he was the getaway driver.  It’s just sad to me that there are two black teenagers fighting for their life awaiting trial & Cameron Terrell gets off with not even a slap on the wrist.  Not saying that the teens who are responsible for this deserve any type of fair treatment for killing somebody… but justice needs to be fair and equal for everybody!  It shouldn’t be based on the color of your skin or the amount of money you have.

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