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All Things Matter 1-25-18

All Things That Mater comes on Thursdays @ 9:30pm-11:30pm. The show is hosted by Brittney and Ray Rob and talks about everything from love, hate, relationships, community and all things that matter. Tonight we are interviewing Akron’s own Tee Hall, author of Tales of Broken Hearts set to release 2/14/18.

Our topics cover everything from finances to parenting, being a prisoner to a CEO, sex, current events, politics and much more. No matter what you’re in to or what walk of life you come from, there is something everybody can relate to on All Things Matter.

Be sure to tune in for all our juicy and informative topics, interviews from up and coming music artists, dating shows, prank calls and more! The fun and entertainment is non-stop on All Things Matter.

Log on to earkandyradio.com/live-radio or call in to listen or comment.

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