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All Things Matter 4-4-19

All Things That Mater comes on Thursdays from 8:00 – 10:00  PM ET.  The show is hosted by Brittney and talks about everything from love, hate, relationships, community and all things that matter.  

Tonight we are talking about friendships & if they can be mended after a bad break-up?

  • are friendships worth saving?
  • what’s your breaking point in a friendship?
  • what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a friend & vice versa?
  • how do you get back cool with your friend about a disagreement?
  • how do you not fall over a petty argument
  • call in to make it right with your friends.

Tuning in is easy… log on to earkandyradio.com/live-radio or call in to listen or comment 646-787-8528.  We also have music, past shows and sponsor commercials playing 24/7 on the app and website (earkandyradio.com).  If you are interested in advertising your business or getting your music in rotation on earkandyradio.com, email us at earkandyradio@gmail.com.

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