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All Things Matter 8-24-17

 We are the hosts of All Things Matter on earkandtradio.com, which is an adult internet radio talk show based out of Akron, OH but we have listeners worldwide (in over 160 countries). Our show airs each and every Thursday at 9:30pm EST. On All Things Matter, we address the topics and situations that everybody speaks on, but nobody really wants to talk about.

Our topics cover everything from finances to parenting, being a prisoner to a CEO, sex, current events, politics and much more. No matter what you’re in to or what walk of life you come from, there is something everybody can relate to on All Things Matter.

Be sure to tune in for all our juicy and informative topics, interviews from up and coming music artists, dating shows, prank calls and more! The fun and entertainment is non-stop on All Things Matter.

Tonight we are talking about dead beats and child support.

Download the app (EAR KANDY RADIO), earkandyradio.com or call in to comment or listen only 646-787-8528.


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