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All Things Matter – DNA reveal & Interview Dezzie Jay 2/16/17

All Things Matter airs tonight at 9:30 ET on earkandyradio.com.  You can call in 646-787-8528 to listen only or comment or you can download the Ear Kandy Radio App to tune in.  We will be broadcasting live from Game 7 in Aron, OH (627 Arlington Rd.).

We will be discussing a variety of topics.

  • Catching up with our 1st DNA test story > our 2 week follow-up
  • Live Interview with Queen Dezzie Jay … Poet, Singer, Activist and much more
  • We will be reading letters from our listeners and getting advice from the callers.
  • STD’s
  • Spot light on the Bar 4 Bar Battle Rap going down TONIGHT at Game 7
  • Much, much more!


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