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Allow Me To Introduce Myself

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Hey, Everybody… What up?!

I’m sitting in this weak ass FCI Hazelton… Where a quarter  of the niggas here are rat ass niggas and a quarter are child molesters… I would go far as to say the other half are real niggas, but I wouldn’t be keeping it real MY GOT DAMN SELF.
We all know about rats, but now this glimpse will expose what fake niggas call real!

Most of us have experienced family members, friends, or people from our hood getting knocked (locked up) and going to prison.  You learn about how we do our time from our phone calls, letters, e-mails, and visits.  This here will tell you what the walls would tell you if they could talk!

Some of us work out and stay groomed to preserve that glow on our well-rested bodies.  While others deal with their reality by getting high.  My personal opinion is if you didn’t cooperate with law enforcements and excepted the consequences to your actions like a man….I don’t knock how the fuck you do your time….For The Most Part!

I’m in here with some niggas that are never coming home due to these harsh sentences… Every real nigga I run into has a story about how these weak ass niggas… their sister, their brother, their best friend broke their oath and switched teams..and  helped the Feds seal the case against their loved ones.  So however someone choose to work their frustration whether it be on the weights or the pull up bar or even the spice or the weed  can’t nobody knock how a real nigga do his  time… trying to elevate the frustration caused by the ultimate betrayal of their most trusted causing them to miss out on critical moments of life its self…..It’s hard to cope with the death of a loved one’s and you are not able to go to the funeral or be there for you kids so we do things to take are mind off of are the reality!

Are You Really Real?

The shit right here about to make some niggas mad this bomb I’m bout to drop that will answer the thoughts most people always wondered about what really goes on behind the fence that they often see once they come to the prison to visit their loved ones.

Before I give you my spill I have to pose this question… Is a Real Nigga still Real if he knows that he is fucking with a Fake Nigga?  Well, everyday I see some niggas that took their time standing up didn’t let the hood down, but in here eating and breaking bread with niggas that they know got another nigga some jail time by assisting authorities in their investigation.
These same niggas imma call them (snitch lovers) out of all the niggas they could break bread wit they choose to fuck wit the ones that are out cast!  You niggas on the streets would have a fit if you knew that your so called Dawg making strombolis wit a fuck nigga while yall sending pics from the streets making gestures of wit the one finger to your lips as to give your guy and honorable mention for not snitching this nigga in here condoning the shit….The money you got a potential snitch hanging around I am a firm believer in birds of a feather flock together.  Real Nigga say word… or let me know if I’m just tripping!  I cut my on cousin off once I saw his black and white (paperwork)  it was kinda weird at first not to talk to the nigga we in the same unit and shit…I got used to that shit quick I walk past that nigga act like a don’t know that clown!  Shouldn’t had told!  Blood or Nah I don’t fuck with no pussy niggas!

Hiding Behind The Coffee

I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t expose the niggas that come in here and hide behind religion.  On the streets, half of these cats ain’t have a religious bone in their body.  Now they dress the part, study, and act righteously…  Their logic is protection.I don’t think they should be allowed to join and be amongst Real Men what’s your take???  I know their brothers will defend them by saying Allah forgives all sins and no sin is greater than another…  Me I say FUCK DAT!

Personally, I’m of Christian faith but to me, God is God which ever God makes you into a better person role with it.  Dig I was raised in the church right and they say when you stray away you will find your way home… I believe that but in here Child Molesters turn Christian and what the fuck I look like attending Sunday service with a child molester (Choe Moe) praying and holding hands while rejoicing in Gods glory…and I know he in here for touching innocent little girls and boys robbing them of their innocents…MAN FUCK DAT!  That will never be a brother of mine….all sins the same not that one I ain’t going for that!  Am I wrong???  Could you pray wit a man that did those horrible things is he not worse than a murderer or a drug dealer is he not a soul snatcher but gets less time than a drug dealer…He gets under ten we get twenty to life  in the eyes of the white man that sin is less….we will touch on that topic another time, though!

For The Most Part

Remember I said I don’t knock how you do your time… For The Most Part….Well, I’m your you know that there is an exception to every rule.  That big exception is homosexuality if you are in here fucking boys…it doesn’t matter if you told or Nah…You ain’t real….No excuses up in this bitch you will hear them…“I only get my dick sucked”    Getting your dick sucked by a man ain’t law!  The fucked up part of the game is niggas don’t expose these type niggas they let them go home and fuck our beautiful women… Niggas on the street overlook those past sins cause a nigga got a couple of dollars fuck that expose that closet nigga if he did it while locked up he will do it on the streets…I don’t know about your town but mine small so shit can get real…I will end it right here this doesn’t need no questions asked on my part..I will make a statement My Real Niggas please love your women enough and expose this fuckery!  It’s count time got to stop typing…

PS  All these niggas getting out due to Obama showing his ass giving some good guys another chance at life.  I tip my hat, but let me enlighten those that don’t know with a Glimpse Of Prison Reality… Everybody coming home didn’t get that honorable discharge they told it’s things such as Rule 35 and that won’t show up in the paperwork you have to dig deep… Also, note its niggas out there that will tell you the prosecutor and the judge looked out for me…FUCK NAW!  They only show love for the member of their team… the only other way they give you a sentence reduction is if you play the mental card (acting like you Cray) or you have a physical disability…  Nine out of Ten niggas switched jerseys… They do no favors their job is to destroy the black household and remove the strength!

All questions comments and feedback is welcome, let me know how you took this article “Are you really Real” from your perspective.

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