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Amazon Accepts Food Stamps

I may be a little late, but Amazon will now be accepting the EBT Card (Food Stamps) to pay for groceries. Amazon is participating in a  two-year government pilot program that allows shoppers to pay for their online grocery orders with food stamps.

The goal of the program is to make it easier for working moms, people who may be disabled and the elderly to still get the items they need without having to physically go to the store.

Currently, the pilot has launched for certain zip codes in New York, but the pilot will soon expand to other areas of New York and other select states, including Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington. It has not yet been determined if the program will be expanded to other states during the two year pilot period.

Now in addition to accepting Food Stamps, Amazon is also offering a discount for people who have an EBT or a Medicaid Card as well. It will only be $5.99/month for people who qualify, which is a $7.00 price break from the normal cost.

If you have an EBT or Medicaid card, and you are interested in getting Amazon Prime at a discounted rate, please click the link below.

Sign Up for Amazon Prime

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