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Ampichino Drops New Album – Quarantine

Akron Legend, Ampichino just dropped some new heat titled QUARANTINE!!!

This highly anticipated album/compilation has 15 tracks, and he has some hot features from Chey Dolla, Shoddy Boi, Flames OhGod, Mike P, Eli Da Bandman, Akbad, Big Jaz, Dubb 20, 38 Spesh and more. This album, to me, just shows what we can do if we band together, and if nothing else…. This global pandemic is showing us how much we all need each other.

The cover of the album alone speaks volumes! It’s all these crazy things going on with in world, but still the cream will always rise the the top. #CreamOfTheCrop

The title of the album couldn’t have been any better! #QUARANTINE! Make sure you guys download that album on whatever platform you listen to! Keep grinding Ampichino… we see you! I’m not just talking to hear myself, this album is really DOPE!!!

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