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Ampichino & The Devil Rejectz 3 Tour – Hosted By Dreday

Akron Legend Ampichino is taking the DEVIL REJECTZ 3 – American Horror Story on tour!!!  He has really been pushing this album.  This album was a tribute to his friend/business partner, West Coast rapper The Jacka who was murdered in 2015.  This album had many unreleased songs from The Jacka, so fans everywhere are going crazy!

The push for this album has been CRAZY!!!  Ampichino has put up billboards everywhere… & the album even reached the #13 spot on iTunes (at the time, Carbi B was at #10).  

Ampichino was actually on one of our shows September 22, 2018 (Dope City hosted by Kurt Ayo & Dreday) and he spoke about releasing this album and even his relationship with The Jacka.  He talked about his push for this album as well as doing music over the years.  It was definitely a dope and exclusive interview & you can only check it out here on #EARKANDYRADIO.  The interview starts around 68 minutes.

Ampichino is now booking dates for the Devil Rejectz 3 album.  The tour will be hosted by Dreday & the music by DJ Ill Will.  Looks like he is taking the crew on tour with him!

  • Dubb 20
  • Shoddy Boi
  • Street Knowledge
  • Che Dolla
  • King Locust
  • Rydah J Klyde

For more information, contact Ampichinobooking@gmail.com or for features contact Dreday 330-962-7889

There are no tour dates booked, but you can catch Ampichino performing at the 2018 Ohio Entertainment Awards on October 7 at the Kent Stage &  in Kansas City on Oct 27.  Check his Instagram for any updates @ampichino1 or Dreday @dreday4everbaby.

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