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Angela Basset Turns 60! The black that just won’t crack!!!!!

So yesterday was Ms Angela Basset’s 60th birthday!!! And baby when I tell you 60 ain’t never looked so damn good. We all know Basset for her timeless beauty but I swear this woman does not age she is still as breathtakingly beautiful as she was when “ Stella got her groove back” and that was 20 years ago… Yesssssss y’all 20! With class and elegance she graced her 1.5M Instagram followers with this lovely bikini picture.

Well when you’re 60 and look like this in a bikini why shouldn’t you show the world? I mean I just pray that I have this level of sex appeal when I start my 60th chapter! Happy belated birthday Angela Basset keep showing the world that #BlackgirlMagic we love you Queen!

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