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Angela Simmons’ Child’s Father Was Killed!!!

Angela Simmons’ child’s father, Sutton Tennyson was brutally murdered at his home in Atlanta, GA.  Reports indicate Tennyson was found in his garage around 4:30 pm November 3, 2018.

Authorities have reported that all the suspects involved have been apprehended.  It looks like Sutton Tennyson was shot to death after an argument between three people.  SURPRISINGLY, no arrests have been made YET as reports are indicating the shooter may have been justified in killing Tennyson.  

When EMS arrived on the scene, they tried to revive Tennyson, but it was too late.  Authorities are not sure if Tennyson was living at the house or just working out of the house.  I really hope this case is thoroughly investigated!!!  Especially since they were all at the victims home.

Ear Kandy Radio hates to have to report on these types of stories, and our condolences go out to everybody connected with Sutton Tennyson.  

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