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Another Akron Man is Dead Before the Summer Even Hits

As the weather is warming up, the violence is getting thicker in the city of Akron, Ohio.  There was another murder on the west side of Akron yesterday (May 20, 2018).  Looks like the incident happened in the early afternoon around 2:30 near the intersection of Seward Ave. and Courtland Ave.

The police are now investigating the death of the 29 year old man.  Seems it all stemmed from a robbery.  The victim and another person were robbed by three men dressed in dark clothing.  There was a struggle between the suspects and the victims when one of the suspects opened fire (he had a handgun).  After the shots were fired, the suspects took off and they were in a silver vehicle.  The other victim was not injured.

The victim who was killed (name has not been released to the media yet… but we will update the story when it is released) was pronounced dead at the scene.  Pictures flooded social media with his dead body laid out in the street.  People can really be heartless because nobody wants to see their loved one dead in the street before they even find out the news of them being murdered.  I just wish people would use more discretion when posting stuff like that on social media.  Put yourself in the family”s shoes.

Earkandyradio hates to report on these stories and we send our love, prayers and condolences to the family and everybody the victim had a relationship with.  Akron, we really have to do better!  The suspects are still at large.

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