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Another Suicide Attempt on a Bridge in Akron, OH… This One Ended Fatally

The High Level Bridge connecting Akron and Cuyahoga Falls opened to great fanfare in 1915. (Beacon Journal file photo)

Ear Kandy Radio hates to report about another death in our city, especially when it is under these circumstances.  This morning a woman jumped off the State Route 8 bridge, killing herself during the morning rush hour traffic.  Ohio.com is reporting that the incident happened around 8 am.

The woman’s body landed on East N. Street in Elizabeth Park (the 500 block).  The police have not released any details concerning her identity or why she committed suicide.  Just recently within the last 10 years, the gates were extended higher up on that bridge to prevent people from jumping since it is one of the highest bridges in Akron (I guess they think it would be a for sure death if they jump that high up).  I remember my sister telling me that she used to take care of a woman in the nursing home she worked at who survived after jumping off the “Y” Bridge which is really close and almost the same height.

This is the 2nd person jumping off a bridge in Akron in less than 30 days.  This really makes me sad, because it seems like people everywhere are more and more depressed.  I even have a friend who made mention of suicide.  I’ve read all the warnings signs, but how far do you get in somebody’s business when you think they are suicidal?  What if they are “just playing” and you tell their family members to try to get help, then they get mad at you for telling people their business?

Suicide is a sticky situation and it is really a fine line between the thoughts of suicide and actually making an attempt.  As people, we need to have our antennas up with people who are fighting some sort of depression.  We could help save a life.  Prayers to this woman’s family!

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