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Apparently You Can Get More Than A Lap Dance At This Akron Strip Club

When you think of strippers… you usually think of sexy woman providing a FANTASY for their customers, right?  I meannn… I know there are those strippers out there who give all the strippers a bad name, but it’s usually done behind closed doors, RIGHT?!  Like you know… the Boom Boom room or something?  

Well that was not the case in this Akron strip club.  Looks like one of the strippers got caught slippin’ and got filmed giving somebody some “head” IN THE CLUB!  But that’s not the part that got me… I’m tripping because WHERE THEM DOLLAS AT?!?!?!  I don’t see any ones or any money at all on the floor.  But hey, LOL maybe he used $cash app or credit.  I’m not really sure, but baby girl I really hope you AT LEAST got that $$$!

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