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Apryl Jones Gets Caught CHEATING On Fizz

So yall’s girl Apryl Jones (Omarion’s baby mom & Lil Fizz’s current girlfriend) allegedly got caught cheating & their is a picture floating around to prove it!

It has been reported by multiple websites that Apryl was seen all boo’d up in the club with up and coming rapper @FBGBabyGoat & he even reposted it on his Instagram page!


Damn girl… I hope this ain’t true, but it does look like her in the picture. SMH. What do you guys think?

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2 thoughts on “Apryl Jones Gets Caught CHEATING On Fizz

  1. I mean , people call everything cheating these days. If we’re not actually having any kind of intercourse then its not cheating. Got damn ! Just because I talk to a niqqa it’s cheating ??? Grow up people. Just because a person is in a relationship don’t mean that’s the only person they will “ communicate “ with for the rest of their lives. Got damn !!!

  2. You are right if they didn’t catch you in the act then you can talked to anyone you want to it is a free country Even though I can’t stand you. You are right

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