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Apryl Jones Wishes She Would’ve Had Sex w/ The Game When She Had The Chance

Are you guys sick of hearing about this hoe, I mean chick yet or what?? Anywho, yall’s girl Apryl jones recently sat down with Tiffany Pollard on her show, Brunch with Tiffany, and she spoke out about some of the accusations she has been faced with.

She was basically saying she should have had sex with all the people she has been accused of having sex with, because people think it’s true anyway! I’m not going to lie y’all… Apryl is bad!!! She is really a very beautiful woman, but her hoeish ways need to stop. She has kids who are looking up to her.

“Not that I have [had sex w/ those men]. I would have no problem when, sh*t, I should have. I mean, I should have f*cked The Game when I had the opportunity.” 

~Apryl Jones
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