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Apryl Proves Her Butt Is Real On Social Media

Okay, I know you guys may be tired of hearing about Apryl Jones (Omarion’s baby momma, who went behind his back & slept with one of his former group members – Lil Fizz, who then cheated on Lil Fizz with an up & coming rapper, then lost her kids in a custody hearing to Omarion), but there’s even more to report on!

Apparently, Apryl is tired of people saying her butt is fake, so she had to take her pants off on social media to prove it is real. SMH


I mean we’re not surprised, because if you guys can remember… Apryl was online before all this mess telling people how her “cooder momma” was so good, and all the celebrities in her inbox.

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One thought on “Apryl Proves Her Butt Is Real On Social Media

  1. The 😈 is using you get your self respect back before it’s too late if he loves you the physical would be a least factor of the relationship.

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