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APS School Board Member Found Unconcious

AKRON, Ohio — Police say an Akron Public Schools board member was given four doses of Narcan after being found overdosing and unconscious in the front seat of an SUV Thursday night.

Police say John Robert Otterman, 57, of Akron, was also found to be in possession of drugs and now faces a charge of drug abuse marijuana in the incident.

According to police reports, officers were called to the 200 block of East Cuyahoga Falls Avenue, where they found Otterman seated in the front driver’s seat of the SUV. Medics arrived, and administered four doses of Narcan before taking him to Akron City Hospital for treatment.

Police found a folded piece of paper with a white powdered substance that was determined to be fentanyl, in the center console of the vehicle. They also found marijuana.

Police reports state that they met with Otterman at the hospital, where he admitted to having the drugs.

Under an immunity law, Otterman may have immunity from any charges related to an a suspected opiod overdose in the incident. But he does face a drug abuse marijuana charge.

“Hopefully he will get somewhere where they can help him,” said Akron Lt. Rick Edwards.

School Board President Patrick Bravo released the following statement:

“Our primary concern is Mr. Otterman’s health and safety, and our thoughts are with him and his family. As a duly elected official the board is limited as to what we can do. We can deal with everything else tomorrow, but right now our primary concern is him.”

Otterman pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct in a similar incident last June. Police pulled him over after reports of a reckless driver. He was found to have slurred speech and glazed over eyes. Police found Xanax in the vehicle.

He was fined given a 30 days suspended jail sentence, according to court documents.

Not to make light of the situation, but do you think the government is too lenient on people who are addicted to opiates?  It’s like they just get a slap on the wrist…  we have to use our tax dollars to provide treatment centers and unlimited doses of narcan…  while the drug dealer gets a million years in prison.  It seems to be a broken system.  What are your thoughts?


Please see full story on fox8news.com

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