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Archbishop Would Rather Be Jailed then Report Sexual Abuse by a Fellow Priest

The pope is actually one of the highest ranked officials in the Catholic Church.  Archbishop Denis Hart of Melbourne, (president of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference) represents all Roman Catholic clergy in the country, said he would rather go to jail than breach to breach a seal of secrecy during a confessional from a confessor.

Denis Hart says ‘communication with God is of a higher order’ after child sex abuse inquiry calls for failure to report to become a criminal offense.  Looks like he was responding to a report from the child sex abuse royal commission calling for reforms that,  would see failure to report child sex abuse in institutions become a criminal offense, extending to information given in religious confessions.

Although Archbishop Hart does not agree with sexual abuse of kids, he wants to be able to keep confessions sacred.  He feels like in this day and age, with all the technology we have available, people are less likely to sexually abuse children.  But in the event that something does transpire and somebody brings it to the confessional (whether it be a child who was hurt, or a priest who hurt a child) he would encourage them to tell somebody outside of the church (like a teacher or somebody who would be mandated to tell that information).

In my opinion, this is CRAZY!!!  I understand sacred traditions, but it you KNOW that a child was hurt and claim not to report it because of some sacred vow… that makes me question the religion and the “god” they serve.  SO I can basically go on a murdering spree and go confess to one of these men & all is forgiven?!  I’m not buying it.  I think it’s just another way to spread the pedophilia agenda!  Let’s blog about it.

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