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Are we off punishment!? Ohio will reopen by May 1st

Governor Mike D. held a press conference today and he wants to reopen Ohio on May 1st as planned. Many Americans are for it! Their ready to get back to their normal life’s but some are hesitate.

Many businesses are suffering from the lockdown as well as many employees. Families don’t have funds to pay their rent, bills or buy food. The economy is hurting due to many businesses being shut down because their not considered an “essential” business.

There’s still no cure for COVID-19and even though many people have recovered. People are still fighting for their life’s! People fear opening the state up to early with cause an increase of cases and make things worse. Check out full report by clicking the link

Click me https://www.wkyc.com/mobile/article/news/health/coronavirus/gov-mike-dewine-ohio-looking-to-restart-economy-on-may-1/95-c933626b-da9e-4588-9dd4-50eec2cb9814

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One thought on “Are we off punishment!? Ohio will reopen by May 1st

  1. It’s still a choice of life or death. I think those that want to take
    take the money let them.
    Let them be lambs going to slaughter. Let the rest of stay alive. I’m
    not going out to shop
    until it’s safe for me to do so. I SAY LET ‘EM

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