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Are You Really Real?


The shit right here about to make some niggas mad this bomb I’m bout to drop that will answer the thoughts most people always wondered about. About what really goes on behind the fence that they often see once they come to the prison to visit their loved ones.

Before I give you my spill I have to pose this question… Is a real nigga still Real if he knows that he is fucking with a fake nigga?  Well, every day I see some niggas that took their time standing up didn’t let the hood down, but in here eating and breaking bread with niggas that they know got another nigga some jail time by assisting authorities in their investigation.

These same dudes I will call them (snitch lovers) out of all the niggas they could break bread with they choose to fuck with the ones that are an outcast!  You niggas on the streets would have a fit if you knew that your so called homeboy you are making strombolis with is a fuck nigga. While you all are  sending pictures from the streets making gestures of the one finger to your lips as to give your guy an honorable mention for not snitching this nigga in here condoning the shit.

I am a firm believer in birds of a feather flock together.  Real dudes say WORD!… or let me know if I’m just tripping!  I  had to cut my own cousin off once I saw his black and white (paper work). Initially,  it was kind of  weird at first not  speaking to someone I am related to and we are in the same unit but trust me, I got used to that shit quick and will  walk past him and act like I  don’t know that clown!  Bottom line he shouldn’t have opened his mouth.  Blood or not, I don’t fuck with any pussy niggas! Feel me? Let me know your thoughts…Feedback is strongly encouraged.

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