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Ari walks off stage after Djs tells her to shake her ass!

I came here to see one thing, turn that ass around and shake it! Said a Dj at a recent event! You could see the confusion and irritation on Ari’s face as she walked off stage!

Ari is a very beautiful woman with a hourglass shape! She’s know for twerking on Her Instagram page as well as at her club appearances. So one would think she wouldn’t be offended by it but that’s not the case! The way he came at her was disrespectful! Demanding her to twerk as if she’s not a stripper there to perform!

Of course there’s controversy behind the video because like I said she’s known for shaking her ass! But she chooses to do that! No one makes her. This clearly made Ari uncomfortably to be treating in a disrespectful way.

This is truly an example of the image you put out is how people will treat you! If you act like a “thot”, “ hoe” or shake your ass on the internet people especially men will treat you as such. They believe the image you put out to the public eye is how how you want to be treated.

Was he wrong? Do you think he was disrespectful at all? I wonder what Moneybag Yo will say about the situation… watch the video below by clicking the link


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