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Ashlee Harrigan – Ebonie Marie Baxter’s Biological Daughter Speaks Out`

This is Ashlee Harrigan, the beautiful biological daughter of Ebonie Marie Baxter (Byron Baxter’s mom). 

Some of you may have never heard about Ashlee (as I just found out about her as well), but she has recently been the topic of conversation relating to the Baxter’s due to Ashlee speaking out.  If you are not familiar with the back story… please check it out here http://earkandyradio.com/byron-baxters-mom-has-some-explaining-to-do-updated/ 

Crazy right?!?!  But back to Ashlee, she address the situation on her FaceBook page.  Now I’m sorry, I understand everybody does things that they are not proud of… but that was definitely uncalled for.  And NOOOO, I am not talking about the fact that Ebonie gave Ashlee up for adoption!  Adoption can be such a beautiful thing.  I am referring to the nasty text messages she sent to her own daughter.  I am not God, and I know only God can judge her…  I honestly just pray that Ebonie asks for forgiveness!  Not only from God, but from her daughter… instead of just trying to make excuse after excuse to justify what she said.

Take a look below at Ashlee’s response.  Prayers for this situation.


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41 thoughts on “Ashlee Harrigan – Ebonie Marie Baxter’s Biological Daughter Speaks Out`

  1. If Ashlee does’nt care,,,why go back& forth with someone who tells you they don’t& never cared for you …I think she has motives.

    1. Ashley sweetheart stop talking like this like you don’t care cause you do.This is your moma you talking about… and I done heard you say ma at least 3 times in the video.Just because you done made money..took your adopted mom on expensive vacations etc does not mean you’re happy inside something is going on and you’re hurting because you feel she is rejecting you.and you done found your moma and you want a relationship with your biological mom.but I guarantee you if you change your attitude and talked to her like she is your mom I guarantee you she would be glad to have her daughter back in her life.try it and see.but first you got to apologize to her for the way you talk.and tell her you want to start over again cause you was hurt.Now this is coming from a person who went into a foster home at a few months old and came out at 18yrs old.Now I’m in my 50’s so I know about being raised by people who are not you biological parents.

      1. Naw that momma ain’t right soon as I laid eyes on her I was like something wrong with this lady you wouldn’t have the opportunity to talk to me

        1. Agree with you,u can tell. all for show
          give the people what they wants and likes will come. She has never appeared geninue to me. But I do love to watch the kids. I dotsee how se can denied her child, especially when she is begging for some of her attention and love. That’s easy. Her daughter got money herself.

      2. That’s totally false. The mom stated that she’s never cared for her and she’s glad she gave her away because she was a disgrace to her because shes a lesbian. Ashley said ma as a slang word not actually meaning mom. This relationship is worse than you think.

        1. I totally agree with everything, every one is saying, buy you gotta give this woman some space to grieve..

      3. You can’t dictate how this young lady feels it’s not your place to do so so now you must answer to GOD for placing your mouth and heart to this situation sounds like your a pretty bad therapist hope your not licensed this is not your clean up job so repent on your comments

      4. I doubt she cares. The reason she is saying “ma” is because it’s a form of slang when referring to a female, no referring to Ebonie as her mom. She was taken at birth so she doesn’t have any memory of her. If anything she has resentment for her not getting herself together for the sake of her child and trying to get her back. You can’t blame this child as if you didn’t see the messages where her biological mom talked to her like a dog and poked fun of her being adopted. I don’t care how mad you are or what your child says you never stoop that low to talk to your child as if they’re a person on the street. Respect goes both ways

      5. Sir! U are so out of line! Shut your face and take yourself to a nursing home NOWWWW!!! You obviously are getting early onset dementia if u are able to honestly believe this CHOLD needs to change her behavior in order to be accepted by that narcissistic b**** that is pure evil incarnated smh.. have u even read the messages her womb donor sent her? Damn sure not a mom AT ALL! Ashley honey ftb! Get u a therapist to talk to so u can learn how to deal with this hurt in the most positive way possible baby. You are beautiful. I seen where your mom called u ugly, don’t u believe that catfish mouthed b**** for not one single second! U are beautiful !!!!

    2. She is hurting. Most adopted children hope to build relationships with their biological mother when they grow up. The mother has an obligation to let the child know that they are loved and be patient help the child make the emotional adjustments.

    1. I love Ebonie too but there may be more things that may come her way if she doesn’t make wrong into right just those words made it all wrong because we all have a heart and feelings and we all are GODS children at the end of the day so yes he will take those unkind words personal

  2. I don’t know what happened between mom and daughter but the mom was wrong when she said how she didn’t her daughter any human that Is told they wasn’t wanted has a right to feel a way. Now the. Mom is pregnant again with a girl I hope karma doesn’t hit this family.

  3. This mom is acting like she never have a daughter, this baby is the only one she I a wicked woman, hope that lil girl dint pay her back

  4. I too know how it feels to be a motherless child. It hurts so deep. Ask God to help you to forgive so that you will have peace. Eboni you need to ask for forgiveness. You got pregnant. If you did want kids you should have not had sex.

    1. Give me a break with that “if she didn’t want kids she shouldn’t have had sex ” crap. That’s not reality. In a perfect world, nothing bad would ever happen to anyone in any way; but this is NOT a perfect world. Bc were human beings. I’m not trying to defend her in any way but ppl are going to have sex, always have and always will and most of the time, they do so with no intention of getting pregnant and having babies and there’s nothing wrong with that. But sometimes things happen, condoms break, birth control pills aren’t 100%, etc. When COUPLES (bc it takes two) DO get pregnant, it is their responsibility to handle the situation the best way they can for their situation. I’m not going to speak on whether she’s a good mom as I don’t know enough about it and I’ve read conflicting stories, but she was only 17 when she had her daughter so cut her some slack (for THAT part, anyway). Giving a child up for adoption that you are unable to care for is a good decision.

    1. This just blows me away smh. How could you talk to your own creation like this. When Bryon gets older and the money train comes to a stop, what will they do then? It’s sad that you are made to feel as if you have to donate in order to be apart of Bryon’s journey.

  5. Ebonie is so wrong for treating her own daughter like that. The fact that she acts like the girl doesn’t even exist is so sickening. She’s On Facebook daily collecting money from people while they sit at home and not work. Supporters are paying monthly and that’s why they’re able to live the way they do. It’s sad but even to this day she still acts like this going lady doesn’t exist. Just sad

    1. She talked about her & introduced her. Even posted videos & pictures. Daughter got disrespectful & mom said things she shouldn’t have said. It’s best they go their separate ways. They don’t have a mother & daughter bond 🤷🏿‍♀️ I think the daughter felt resentment for being put up for adoption & mom keeping her other kids. With the issue of Byron being a “gravy train” she made a bad situation into something positive.

  6. I have to say that I have thought they were using Byron to run a scam. I look at the house that is enormous and outfitted perfectly. They say they are worth 1.5 to 5 million dollars. How? The latest tragedy and now this with her grown daughter just smells bad to me. My heart goes out to Byron for his disability, but it just smells bad the way they are putting their lives out for people to feel sorry for them and contribute.

    1. She was only giving the son a regular over the counter vitamin. He worked at Wendy’s. Didn’t have health insurance and his mother wouldn’t pay for his medicine. She knew he needed it. She was just too cheap to pay for it. But anyways she seems relieved that he is gone and the way she talked about him being a sexual predator is terrible for a mother to bring up.

  7. The part that bothers me the most is that Ebonie is clearly “Living Out Loud” for money. And she continues to do so even after the tragic accident that took her sons life. I also saw her getting a tattoo. Who does that the week their son is taken away from them. She is a devil in sheep clothing whom will sell out her entire family for financial gain. But we all know God does not sleep and eventually she will stand on the square and answer for her sins. How can you say you love God who you have never seen and you don’t love your own child??? The things she said to her own daughter are unforgivable. She should be tormented by that not relish in it.

  8. I think Ebony done been out there so long that she learn how to scam and con people perfectly working on their emotions, she exploits Byron for money, now she doing the same using her son death , I believe it because of her he is dead , why would he say he want her to find his body , that right there speaks volumes , she shows on social media what she wants people to see but who knows what behind close doors ,because all of this about her son never came up until his death , but one thing about it she may can con the public but God knows all and see all ..

  9. If her text thread to her son was a replication of her daughter’s as shown and how she talked to her…God bless him❤️ This is deplorable on so many levels…idk what her circumstances were this gives you no reason to talk to your kid that way. She gets on fb on glorifies her other children almost as if she is taunting her daughter intentionally. God has a way of humbling us and teaching us. I pray she got it. Idk what the circumstances were to treat a child like this is scary. I’m almost convinced this lady is mental. This behavior is not normal at all. She better wake up she already got a warning.

  10. Never did hear her speak of that son umtil after his death. beware of the sheep in wolves clothing.

  11. I watch “The Baxters” and something just don’t sit right in my spirit with “mom”. Example: she was live, as usual, and she was going in on the gossipers that said her son Cyrus, God rest his soul, had many girlfriends AND boyfriends, as in sexual friends. So, make it make sense. The only difference is one child is a lasbian and one was bi-sexual. And I would love someone to confirm their job titles. Nevermind,I know! Ya’ll just keep sowing them seeds to her.

    1. I feel the same about mom something in my spirit just doesn’t feel right with her I’ve been following for a while also when it was no one on camera but mom and Byron for a while now it’s Dad and kids Ebony look like she dealing with something heavy you can see it all over her face

  12. Ebony is a fake. Scammer & knows exactly how to reel in these suckers, for financial gain. Not a soul knew her poor son Cyrus even existed. She actually made millions on his tragic death. As soon as people realize the phony she is then maybe her & her husband will know what it is to work from 9 to 5 to earn a living.

    1. I am sure that Byron get a disability check even with all the donations.I use to watch it all the time. Until Ebony start making it all about herself and not Byron.All you would see is people telling her how pretty she was and you did not see Byron any more. But I see she has started showing him again and the things she said to her daughter she gave away. Me as a mother have lost all respect for her.She as changed a lot,she is not the same person I first started out watching.

  13. Ebony is money hungry
    Begging for coffee
    She got her lil people eating out the palm of her hands
    She never do bs k go school drive or Christmas give away
    She’s always got her hands out ash continue to do you

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