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Ashlee Harrigan – Ebonie Marie Baxter’s Biological Daughter Speaks Out`

This is Ashlee Harrigan, the beautiful biological daughter of Ebonie Marie Baxter (Byron Baxter’s mom). 

Some of you may have never heard about Ashlee (as I just found out about her as well), but she has recently been the topic of conversation relating to the Baxter’s due to Ashlee speaking out.  If you are not familiar with the back story… please check it out here http://earkandyradio.com/byron-baxters-mom-has-some-explaining-to-do-updated/ 

Crazy right?!?!  But back to Ashlee, she address the situation on her FaceBook page.  Now I’m sorry, I understand everybody does things that they are not proud of… but that was definitely uncalled for.  And NOOOO, I am not talking about the fact that Ebonie gave Ashlee up for adoption!  Adoption can be such a beautiful thing.  I am referring to the nasty text messages she sent to her own daughter.  I am not God, and I know only God can judge her…  I honestly just pray that Ebonie asks for forgiveness!  Not only from God, but from her daughter… instead of just trying to make excuse after excuse to justify what she said.

Take a look below at Ashlee’s response.  Prayers for this situation.


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8 thoughts on “Ashlee Harrigan – Ebonie Marie Baxter’s Biological Daughter Speaks Out`

  1. If Ashlee does’nt care,,,why go back& forth with someone who tells you they don’t& never cared for you …I think she has motives.

    1. Ashley sweetheart stop talking like this like you don’t care cause you do.This is your moma you talking about… and I done heard you say ma at least 3 times in the video.Just because you done made money..took your adopted mom on expensive vacations etc does not mean you’re happy inside something is going on and you’re hurting because you feel she is rejecting you.and you done found your moma and you want a relationship with your biological mom.but I guarantee you if you change your attitude and talked to her like she is your mom I guarantee you she would be glad to have her daughter back in her life.try it and see.but first you got to apologize to her for the way you talk.and tell her you want to start over again cause you was hurt.Now this is coming from a person who went into a foster home at a few months old and came out at 18yrs old.Now I’m in my 50’s so I know about being raised by people who are not you biological parents.

  2. I don’t know what happened between mom and daughter but the mom was wrong when she said how she didn’t her daughter any human that Is told they wasn’t wanted has a right to feel a way. Now the. Mom is pregnant again with a girl I hope karma doesn’t hit this family.

  3. This mom is acting like she never have a daughter, this baby is the only one she I a wicked woman, hope that lil girl dint pay her back

  4. I too know how it feels to be a motherless child. It hurts so deep. Ask God to help you to forgive so that you will have peace. Eboni you need to ask for forgiveness. You got pregnant. If you did want kids you should have not had sex.

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