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Atlanta Teacher Under Fire When TWERK Video goes Viral!

“Twerk videos” started trending on the internet back in 2011 (although that style of dance, moving or shaking that ass has been around for decades & it’s even apart of the culture in some countries in Africa).  Since then, it seems to always be some type of “twerk challenge” or contest going on and you still see twerk video popping up frequently.

Recently in the news, a twerk video has gone viral… Not because of the twerk moves (even though she was poppin that thang) BUT because it is a video of a teacher twerking!!!  According to Flyheight website, who first published the video of the woman twerking, the lady is a Public School teacher in Atlanta, Georgia.  It was also reported that a lot  of parents are threatening to pull their kids out of the school over the video which has now gone viral.  Check out the video below.

Should she be reprimanded or even fired because of something she did on her spare time?  Does it matter the age of the students?  What are your thoughts are a parent?  What are your thoughts as a career professional?  Imagine if something you did on your spare time got out…  would it be okay for them to reprimand you?  I am wondering if she put the video out or if somebody leaked it.  But let’s talk about it… please comment below?

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One thought on “Atlanta Teacher Under Fire When TWERK Video goes Viral!

  1. Dam kids doing worse than this she is grown and she is entitled to live nothing deeming or wrong with this

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