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Azriel Clary Says R Kelly Made Her Shit In A Cup & Eat It

As if we haven’t heard enough about Mr. R. Kelly… just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, he surpassed our expectations.

Allegedly, R. Kelly made Azriel Clary take a bowel movement in a cup and then he made her eat it! This information and more is supposed to be released in a new documentary called Precedence. In the documentary, you can see her telling somebody on the phone what he made her do.

“Yes, he has a video of me, um…He made me do this video, actually, of me doing a number two in a cup, and then eating it out of the cup”

~ Clary from a scene in Precedence

Take a look at the clip below… and honestly, will you guys be watching this new documentary? Do you guys believe all the allegations being spread about him? Or are you tired of hearing about R. Kelly?

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