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B.Simone Beauty Photo Shoot

B. Simone is a beautiful hard working women she is a actress, singer, rapper, comedian, Wild N Out & VH1 girls cruise cast member, also a dope ass entrepreneur. She is the Ceo of B.Simone Beauty she made over 100k in two months with her beauty line. Congratulations to her for that period REAL GOALS get that money sis. I love her personality , style , & her funny vlogs especially when say BABY GIRLLLLLLL !


B. Simone shared on Instagram a post December 2, 2019. “This is bigger than me it has NOTHING to do with me,” she captioned the video. “It has EVERYTHING to do with God and showing people Him by the way I act and spread LOVE. Even on every tube of lip gloss it says “FAITH OVER FEAR” on the back! I live by that … God won’t let you down you just have to believe even when you can’t see the outcome. The sky is the limit when it comes to me I swear I’m a monster and I’ll never quit! Manifestation at its finest … God favors me because he trusts me.” Amen to that God is amazing and he is so worthy when it’s your time it’s your time keep up the great work it doesn’t go unnoticed it’s motivation for me anything you put your mind to you can do period ! Today was the photo shoot for B.Simon beauty check out the video of her looking fabulous as usual rocking her BABY BOY gloss with BLOCK HIM lip liner. You can purchase her products at www.BSimoneBeauty.com

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