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B. Simone Makes Forbes & Tells How To Make A Million Using Your Talents

The beautiful bestselling author and “The Manifest Queen,” B. Simone, just recently made the Forbes Magazine, and she wants everybody to know… they too, can make their first MILLION $$$ using their talents just like she did.

Did you guys know less than 4% of Black women business owners ever make it to the one million dollar mark?? Well B. Simone accomplished it in less than 50 days, and she documented her journey on Instagram in a three-part video series titled “Road To A Million.”

B. Simone desperately wanted to hit $1 MILLION before her 30th birthday, so she had to get creative. Here are some of the ways she generated cash.

  • Sold vegan and cruelty free makeup
  • Sold her new & gently used clothing
  • Organized raffles
  • Offered paid promotions for small businesses
  • Sold her car back to the dealership
  • Started practicing as a licensed cosmetologist again
  • Wrote her 1st book (Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want) & sold over 1,000 copies in the 1st hour of launch

“I always say, social media is new, but my hustle isn’t. I’ve been trying to make it for over 15 years.”

~ B. Simone

For the full story on Forbes >>> Click here! Salute to B. Simone for really manifesting the life she wanted. She truly inspires me, and I hope this story inspires you all to check her out and even buy her book. I’m getting ready to order it now.

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