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Baby Mom Blast Baby Dad For Wearing Lace Front

I swear you see the funniest stuff on social media. Last night I came across this post. No names were mentioned (well at least not his full name lol), but this woman must have had it up to HERE with her baby’s father! Looks like he was supposed to be coming to get their daughter, but he said he had something to do. There were two pictures & the captions read…

“Now yesterday on FaceTime you was bald and couldn’t come get her cuz you had business to handle.. this the business Sam? A whole lace front!! I’m outdone! You look fucking stupid!!”

“So instead of picking up your daughter you went and got a new lace front??? Congratulations Sam you look like a fucking dummy. I hope it blows off in the wind (kissy face emojis)”

Check the before & after pictures out below SMH, but do you guys think she was hating???

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