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Back to School Safety

Saftey Tips for Back to School

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1. Pick a safe route to school or bus stop. Avoid crossing busy roads and intersections. Make arrangements with other parents for children to walk together. Make sure your child knows to use crosswalks.

2. If your child rides a bus, make sure they know the route and their bus stop before school starts. Drive the route a few times and have them to look at the houses, and other landmarks to identify the route.

3. Make sure your child or children know their full name, birth date, home address, and phone number or numbers for parents or other trustworthy adults.

4.  Be on the lookout for suspicious or strange looking characters in your neighborhood. Talk to you children about the importance of not talking to strangers. Tell them what to do if a stranger approaches them, which is scream FIRE at the top of their lungs. They should also be warned to never take a ride from a stranger no matter what.

 5. Keep an eye on your child’s Internet use. look over what sites they visit and who their friends are on social media. Talk to them about the sexual predators who pose as children on social media and game consoles. Talk to them about why it is never ok to post revealing photographs or personal information online.

6. If your child or children are latchkey, tell them to lock the doors and do not answer the door for anyone. Explain to them to go straight home and call you, text you, email etc. to let you know they made it safely. Emergency phone numbers are posted on the refrigerator.

7. If you choose to post your child’s first day at school pic on social media, be careful what information you reveal. Do not say where your child goes to school or where you live. Never disclose their full name if this information falls into the wrong hands your child could be abducted.



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