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Barber Elementary School in Akron, OH on secret lockdown??

We’ve all been through..if not heard of schools being on lockdown.

Most times for safety reasons.

Barber Elementary School in Akron, OH just removed their lockdown less than an hour ago, however have yet to notify any parents.

We contacted the school to inquire about this safety precaution only to find out it had been lifted.

The secretary the school though was very helpful and informative sharing that here was a crime in the neighborhood that the police wanted to investigate and in doing so, allegedly they prompted the school to be locked down.

Princial Williams was contacted by a parent and seemed more concerned as to how she knew this information and wasn’t willing to share any information or console the parent of their child’s safety.

Should parents be notified when their children are on lockdown?

How soon during the lockdown should the parents be notified?


A parent went to get her child from the school and still no notification on this morning’s lock down.

Instead the principal sent the following form home with the student and highlighted some key parts:

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