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Can Biden fix this Mess?

If Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, can he really fix this mess? Can he make America great again? Can he overcome Covid-19, unemployment, healthcare and the failing economy. Can he help the low and ...
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NBA sprints toward a new season starting in December

The NBA season ended late due to Covid-19 and is suspected to start back in December. The quick turn around is not giving the championship Lakers enough time to rest. Will players return in December ...
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Did you know these celebs support Trump?

Do you often wonder who supports Trump? A few celebrities are below. Do you think his supporters are racist? Do you think Biden's supporters are not racist? Don't we all have a choice to support ...
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Will you vote TRUMP for a bigger stimulus?

The president is promising a bigger stimulus if he wins the 2020 election. Who will you vote for? Will this change your decision? Do you think Trump will keep his word? ‘After the election, we’ll ...
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Mike Tyson Confronts Boosie on his comments about Dwyane Wade’s Transgender Daughter

Boosie/Tyson interview and what was said. Boosie's response below. Do you agree with Boosie? Is he homophobic or concerned about children making lifetime decisions at a young age? What is your opinion? Boosie Badazz made ...
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Ohio attorney arrested, charged w human trafficking after investigation

Women victims are in tears after The "Untouchable" attorney has finally been charged. After more than 15 years of allegations, Guilty should be the next verdict!! For more than 15 years, accusers of Michael Mearan ...
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Grocery stores are preparing for a second wave of panic buying

Stock up now, store shelves are looking slim! The hoarders are in panic mode and buying everything. The hoarding began slowly in spring as forward-thinking shoppers snapped up masks and hand sanitizer. But once Americans ...
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Trick or Treat 2020: NE Ohio

Covid 2020 Trick or Treat News Please honor all safety and COVID-19 related restrictions, including wearing a mask and social distancing when and where required. NOTE: Houses participating in trick or treating will have their ...
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New Stimulus Is Close, Not Before Election Day but by end of year

As the 2nd stimulus saga continues.......... The Push Me/Pull You of Washington politics over a new round of economic stimulus appears close to an agreement. But the timing of when money will arrive to your ...
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Why are people voting for the 1st-time? What’s driving their decision?

Is Trump really that bad? Why are many people voting for the first time during the 2020 election? From Shaq to Gen Z to new citizens to Snoop Dogg and more. While first-time voters are ...
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