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Being An Older Parent


I’m in my late 40’s with 2 children under 10 years of age. As an older, single parent, I find it especially challenging because of my age. As I have crossed over into the land of the 40’s, I find myself getting more set in my ways, and that is not good when you have younger kids. I have to proactively be more patient, and flexible. With that being said, the joys of being a parent far outweighs those obstacles. Still, the thought of being old enough to be my kid’s grandfather is unnerving.  I tell them often that I am old enough to have a child that would be old enough to have them! But I love them to death, and I believe that everything happens for a reason when it is supposed to happen. Even though I will be pushing 60 when they graduate high school, at least I will still be young enough to kick it with them, if they would allow their old man to do that.
Seriously, though, the upside of being an older parent is that I have a lot of life experience, and experience dealing with other children to offer a unique perspective on raising them.
I truly hope that they are benefiting from having an old dude as their dad, I guess time will tell.

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