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Being Black in America

On Thursday, the evening of October 25, 2018 I was pulled over for driving with a missing headlight.

I was given a written warning because I had just purchased the car and they appreciated my cooperation. However, when they ran my license, they regretfully informed me that I had a warrant for my arrest.

(I’m currently on probation for a case, which we’ll get into on Season 2 of Wayne’s Views)

I understood that they had to do their duty whether I chose to cooperate or not, so I rolled with the punches.

The deputies were kind enough to allow me to arrange for my vehicle to be picked up instead of towing it.


I understood that it was a Thursday night and that the soonest a judge would be able to see me wouldn’t be until the next morning.

So I quickly accepted the fact that I would be spending my first night in jail. Something that I lived so hard to set myself away from the average black man my age. I very well may have missed a court date and caused myself to have a warrant, I’ll take that.

No one could ever tell me why I had a warrant. No one read me any rights. I was arrested and taken to jail.

Friday morning.  They’re calling all the inmates over the loud speaker who have court hearings, by cell number and last name….

….I was in cell 75 and they were calling for the guy in cell 94….

I wasn’t sure if they were counting in some order that I wasn’t familiar with, but they skipped right past 75 Dixson.

Wow. No court date? On a Friday? So I gotta stay here the weekend???

Sure enough.

Monday morning.

Same thing. No call, so I asked if there was anything I could do to get a court date because I don’t understand why I’m really in jail!

One of the deputies instructed me on who to write and what to say to get a court date and less than an hour later I had a response saying I was scheduled to appear before my judge Tuesday at 9a.

Great! I’m getting out. I’m gonna clear this warrant, go home and pick up where I left off.


As if things couldn’t get any worse.

I went before Judge Amy Corrigall Jones who immediately shared that she wouldn’t release me from jail until next Tuesday and from there I’d be released into a ‘halfway house’.

I was so startled by the news because I don’t have run ins with the law.

I’m not in and out of court and on probation.

I’ve never smelled the inside of a county jail before this case.

Some things in life I dont really see a need in learning as it may not pertain to me…the system being one of them.

I never knew much about “the system” because I lived such a life to where it wouldn’t have pertained to me.

So I asked the judge exactly what my warrant was for and she did mention that I did in fact miss a scheduled court date, which is how the warrant came about.

Understood. But why can’t I get out until Tuesday?

I received no direct answer or than the fact that we we’re supposed to see you every week.

Judge Jones shut down any conversation and sent me out her courtroom with my orange uniformed attire and shackled ankles.

Valor Court is an organization within the “system” for veterans, by veterans where the take a direct approach in helping veterans with substance abuse treatment, self rehabilitation and they have their own probation officers.

Mine was Officer Danielle Sampson who also rejected any conversation with me while in that orange gear.

Valor Court is completely OPTIONAL and was definitely a great program and I wish I was able to commit, but because of it’s demands, I respectfully declined admittance into the program.

Wednesday morning I was called over the loud speaker and told to pack up my things, thinking I was about to get screened for the halfway house.

They were releasing me.

No papers on my admittance into Valor Court were on file.

Now I’m another statistic.

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