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Bernie Sanders Congratulates Tara L. Samples For Akron City Council Win

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders tweeted congratulations to Tara L. Samples for her win in the Akron City Council – Ward 5.

Ear Kandy Radio wanted to send a special shout out and congratulations to Tara L. Sanders as well. Her campaign was impeccable, as she hit almost every street in Ward 5 to spread the news about what she wanted to do. Ward 5 is actually the biggest ward in Akron, OH. Samples is committed to the people of not only Ward 5, but of Akron, OH… and the people of Ward 5 showed how committed and trusting they are of her, as they elected her to be our city council representative for another 4 years.

We recently had Tara L. Samples on Ear Kandy Radio back in January on the DeAnna Kay Show (>>> Click the link to listen). She talked about some of the policies she is for, some of the policies she is against and how she planned on implementing some goals she has for Ward 5.

Again, congratulations to all of our leaders who won the City Council election this year, and also congratulations to the ones who didn’t win. It takes a lot to run for office (mentally and financially). But take a look at the candidates… do you guys notice anything?? It’s a beautiful thing when the people helping to pass laws look like you.


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