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Bernie Sanders Is Out Of The Presidential Race

Senator Bernie Sanders decides to clear the path for Biden the Democrats’ presumptive nominee for the 2020 Presidential race.

Announcement of the dropout was given today, after a few weeks of holding an all but impossible path to victory during the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanders gave thanks to all supporters who helped him open the eyes & ears about inequality in income. This in no way a loss, it’s more of a huge step ahead for those who want equal pay, free healthcare, college & more..things that would make a real difference.

Sanders called Biden a decent man but didn’t actually endorse him. His stance on endorsing the Democratic nominee, if he wasn’t victorious, has been consistent from the start of his campain. We’ll see if he stands on his word.

Many say he didn’t reach the younger voters in the polls, they loved his plans, but they didn’t show it by going out to vote. Win, lose or secede, Sanders ethic & fight will echo in the minds of those who care for change.

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